Sales Management Training Programs

A case can be made that sales management has become the most challenging job in today’s distribution environment. From our perspective sales management is also the greatest potential lever of organizational performance. And yet it is often one of the most overlooked groups for development and coaching resources.

One of the distinguishing characteristics in organizational performance is the answer to the question “are you a management group or a group of managers”? Shared understanding and disciplined execution of topics ranging from planning to coaching and development to communication to measurement and accountability are the foundations for success as a management group.

We address the following management foundations in our work:

A Framework for Leading Change

Coaching and Development Disciplines*

Managing Performance from Onboarding to Exit

Planning and Analysis

Communication Skills for Leaders

A Framework for Managing Multiple Priorities

*We often address coaching and development of the specific skills and disciplines included in the program work with their direct reports.

Our engagements with management teams typically include multiple encounters including live one or two day sessions and supporting phone or virtual engagements with the team and/or individuals.

We strongly encourage some form of engagement with the management group in advance of initiating our work with the sales and client management teams and also encourage post-program calls with the management group specifically to address coaching and accountability for program implementation efforts.

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