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Do They Merely Listen or Do They Actively Engage?

A subtle but important realization is that the point of your communication as a sales professional is not merely to have the individual listen to you but to engage with you, to join in the conversation, to ask questions and offer their own thoughts [...]

5 Crucial Skills for a Changing Distribution Landscape

The nature of wholesaler relationships with advisors has been shifting for some time and the pace of that change is accelerating. The impact of regulatory changes, seismic shifts in product use and selection, more limited access to advisors both in-person and on the phone…all [...]

Six Guidelines for More Impactful Training

Training and development is largely regarded as one of a firm’s most important tools to improve productivity, elevate sales results and strengthen employee engagement. However, training can be expensive and challenging to implement successfully. Many firms spend anywhere from 3-6% of a sales professional’s [...]

How Can I Stay On My Rotation?

One of the most vexing issues for field sales professionals from somebody newly assigned to the field to the most seasoned veteran, is how do you stay on course? You have developed a route, a milk run if you will. You have a zone [...]

How Many Zones Should You Have?

We frequently get the question…What is the ideal number of zones that a field professional should have? There is no hard and fast rule across the board, and there will likely be variability depending on the distribution channel you cover and the product set [...]

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