Field and Internal Sales Training Programs

The role of the sales and client management professionals today, whether external or internal, is a complex interaction of planning, process, skill and mindset virtually every day. It is most effective to break down the role into a series of foundations with individual elements and address each element separately. We believe that elevating performance in any of the elements improves performance of the whole.

The four broad foundations addressed are planning disciplines, territory and time management routines, sales process disciplines and communication skills.

Planning Disciplines

  • Planning as a discipline not a document
  • Territory Planning Framework
  • Sales Execution Planning
  • Segmentation and Targeting Opportunity

Territory and Time Management

  • Territory Coverage and Scheduling
  • Structure and Priorities for the Day / Week / Month
  • Team Disciplines
  • Budget / Resource Management

Sales Process Disciplines

  • Preparation Disciplines
  • Profiling Disciplines
  • Meeting Framework
  • Follow Through / Conversion Disciplines

Communication Skills

  • Communication Framework / Prepared Talking Points
  • Implications for Email in an Online World
  • Addressing Questions and Objections
  • Influence and Delivery Dynamics

As the majority of our work is tailored to individual client objectives and challenges, program structure for any given client has many variations.

It is not uncommon for clients to structure programs in one of the following configurations…
  • Territory and Time Management with Planning Disciplines
  • Sales Process with Planning Disciplines
  • Communication Skills with Sales Process or as a stand-alone effort
  • Select Disciplines from all Four Foundations
  • Team Disciplines with Sales Process including both external and internal partners

We work with professionals across the spectrum of target market and product set…retail, institutional, asset management, life, annuity, P&C, banking solutions…and often within the same organization.  While the skill sets and disciplines are similar, the sales cycle and sales routines are sufficiently different that we strongly encourage the separation of these professionals into separate programs where possible.

All client engagements include pre-program solicitation of input from participants and post-program sustain and support efforts most frequently through conference calls with the participant group over a period of 30-90 days.

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